a. Shipping policy should easily accessible. Don’t require visitors to log in or create accounts, before they can view our shipping policy. Visitors to our website will need to know the shipping terms before they place an order. An unpleasant surprise at the checkout will almost certainly lead to a lost sale.

b. Shipping policy must be accessible from all pages. Placing a link within website’s header or sidebar will usually do the trick.

c. Provide all shipping details at the checkout. Tell customers how much Each shipping option will cost and how long it will take. Provide full details on international shipping, if applicable.

d. Provide detailed delivery time-frames. List delivery time-frames for each shipping option by delivery region.

e. Provide tracking information. Email the shipment’s tracking number to customer as soon as it is available. Being able to track his order, customer will know at any given time exactly what the status of the shipment is.

f. Responsibility for lost shipments. Whenever a shipment is lost, take responsibility and re-ship it. It may not be our fault, and it probably won’t be, but customer has placed an order with our business and will rightly hold us responsible for it.